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These reports use our earlier calculation method, so while they're still good indications of standings, to get the numbers that will be used in this year's challenge you need to perform the transportation rate calculation manually. The rate is calculated using two numbers from the report and the number of days so far in May. Transportation Rate % = Trips / Workplace_Size / Days. For example, if a team has logged 5 trips, the workplace size is 50, and it's May 10th, the rate is 5 / 50 / 10 =  1%.

  • Organizations
  • Teams — Large organizations may choose to form separate teams by division, location, or department in order to enhance competition. Team member trips also contribute to their overall organization stats.
  • Leagues — Teams can form or join leagues to compete with other teams based on location, industry, or some other common aspect.
  • Individuals — Search for a particular person and view individual rider stats.