How does it work?

How it works

  • Is your workplace registered? If not, register yourself and your workplace team at the same time. You become Team Captain by default.
  • Have your coworkers register and join your workplace team.
  • Encourage everyone to log their bike trips during May. See what counts as a “bike transportation trip” below.
  • At the end of May, the Collective tallies the bike trips and ranks all workplaces by categories.

Which rides to log - what is a bike transportation trip and what is a recreational trip?

  • If your ride gets you to a place that you would have otherwise taken a motorized vehicle to get to, log it!
    • Example 1: You ride to work and back. Log this as a "commute"
    • Example 2: You ride to the grocery store. Log this as "transportation"
    • Example 3: You ride to a restaurant where you're meeting friends for dinner. Log this as "transportation"
  • If your trip is centered around biking and not transportation, it's a recreational trip and it doesn't count in this challenge.
    • Example 1: You ride 30 miles with your cycle club, stopping for drinks 15 miles in
    • Example 2: You organize your friends to go on a ride starting in the morning and ending in the afternoon. You grab lunch during the ride.
  • If your ride is some combination of these 2 categories, feel free to log half the miles.
    • Example 1: You go on a ride with your friends, and on the way back stop for groceries.
    • Example 2 (right smack in the middle of the gray area): You plan on doing some mountain biking at Denman's Woods. You ride your mountain bike 3 miles on streets and paved trail to get to Denman's and 3 miles to get from Denman's home. You can log 6 miles in the transportation challenge but don't log any of the singletrack miles you ride.
  • The challenge works on the honor system. In most cases you can judge what should be logged by thinking about what feels right. If you'd like an impartial judgement call, email
  • At the end of the challenge, we will present awards to the commuters with the highest % of days in May with bicycle transportation trips and highest bicycle transportation mileage and also continue the Corporate Challenge. Standings of teams in the Corporate Challenge are calculated by company daily bike transportation rate using this formula:

(Number of trips logged) / (Total number of company employees) / (31 days)